[UN]BORN Beta out now!

Hi everyone,

So. We were experiencing some difficulties again. But this time we will release the game as it is. Please see this as a Beta download.

Unfortunately, you will spot things out of place and some minor bugs. We've got rid of the game breaking bugs though.

Please download the game through the following link. Most modern PC's should be able to run it.


For the sake of an enjoyable experience, here are some instructions.

- The game will tell you to press x to interact. It's wrong. Use Z instead.

- In the hospital scenes sometimes you sit, other times you lay down. After an interactive cutscene, press Z to stand up. The game will not tell you this. You're not stuck, just press Z.

- Some sort of circle popping up on an object? The game will sometimes ignore telling you to interact with it. But you can, with Z.

- Something weird? Most weird things in this game are not bugs.

We will probably release an update somewhere in the future to take care of the bugs. But for now, please try to enjoy the unexpected moments they will create.

Have a blast y'all!


Unborn_Game.rar 267 MB
Jul 05, 2017


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