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[UN]BORN is a walking simulator that takes place in a world in which abortion is a massive public issue, while at the same time a corporation acting as government attempts to stimulate childbirth with all means available to get the economy running again. 

Are you ready for the memories of the future? 

[UN]BORN BETA out now!

For the sake of an enjoyable experience, here are some instructions.

- The game will tell you to press x to interact. It's wrong. Use Z instead.

- In the hospital scenes sometimes you sit, other times you lay down. After an interactive cutscene, press Z to stand up. The game will not tell you this. You're not stuck, just press Z.

- Some sort of circle popping up on an object? The game will sometimes ignore telling you to interact with it. But you can, with Z.

- Something weird? Most weird things in this game are not bugs.


This game is being developed by students of the University of the Arts located in Utrecht, the Netherlands. 


Unborn_Game.rar 267 MB

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